FastComet Black Friday 2018 Coupon – 30% Cyber Monday Discount

FastComet is a well-know hosting provider in the current market. They have been around for around a decade and is trusted by thousands of big and small websites for their hosting needs.

If you want to buy a hosting plan from them, then FastComet Black Friday 2018 sale is the best time for that as you can get some great discounts. And you’ll be happy to know that the company has just announced their Black Friday deals!

Grab the Black Friday Deal Now!

All set to launch your blog that you’ve been planning for a long-long time? Or are you an existing business wanting to finally foray into the digital space? Apart from building a great website, another important thing that you’ll need is a hosting provider. It is only after your website is being hosted by a hosting service provider that your website can be accessed through the World Wide Web.

But having a website or blog is now such a common phenomenon that the hosting space is highly overcrowded. Search for hosting providers on the internet and you’ll find thousands of results that look almost the same. So, how will you pick the best especially when the performance of your website largely depends on your hosting service?

Rather than browsing through every service provider that looks promising, we have an excellent recommendation- FastComet. More importantly, if it is now that you are searching for a hosting service provider, you are pretty fortunate as hosting providers, including FastComet, have announced their Black Friday deals.

With the FastComet Black Friday deals, you’ll surely save a considerable amount of money on hosting plans.

fastcomet black friday coupon 2018

What is FastComet Black Friday Sale?

Just like every other online store and service providers, FastComet also offers handsome discounts on its services. The discounts generally begin at least a couple days before the Black Friday and last until the following Monday when the deals are offered in the form of Cyber Monday discounts.

While FastComet is yet to announce this year’s Black Friday deals, last year, it was offering 30% off on all the Shared, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Server Plans. Apart from this, FastComet was also offering other benefits like multiple datacenter options and free domain. Moreover, FastComet also offers domain registration services. In 2017 during Black Friday promo, it was offering discounts of up to 85% on selected domains.

Similar deals and discounts are expected this year too. If you’re planning to start a blog/website or want to switch to another hosting service provider, you should definitely grab the FastComet Black Friday 2018 deals. Apart from the amazing deals and discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, FastComet is also very popular for its high-quality, feature-packed, and reasonably priced hosting plans.

FastComet Cyber Monday 2018 Deals

On this Black Friday Cyber Monday, they are providing 30% discount on all new Shared Hosting Packages and 30% discount on all new Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Plans for monthly and quarterly periods. Along with that, you can also get a FREE Domain and choice of Datacenter location. Selected domains are offered at a whopping 85% discount  throughout the sale period.

FastComet Black Friday Coupon Code

Offer 1: Black Friday Early Access Special!

Sale Details: Save 30% off all New Shared plans plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: BFSALE30
Sale Details: Save 30% Off all New Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Plans for monthly and quarterly periods plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: BFCLOUD
Start: Wednesday, November 21th at 3:00 A.M. EST
End: Friday, November 23th at 3:00 A.M. EST

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Offer 2: Black Friday 24-hour Special!

Sale Details: Save 30% off all New Shared plans plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: BFSALE30
Sale Details: Save 30% Off all New Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Plans for monthly and quarterly periods plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: BFCLOUD
Start: Friday, November 23th at 3:00 A.M. EST
End: Saturday, November 24th at 3:00 A.M. EST

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Offer 3: Small Business Saturday…and Sunday Special!
Sale Details: Save 30% off all New Shared plans plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: BFSALE30
Sale Details: Save 30% Off all New Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Plans for monthly and quarterly periods plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: BFCLOUD
Start: Saturday, November 24th at 3:00 A.M. EST
End:  Monday, November 26th at 3:00 A.M. EST

FastComet Cyber Monday Coupon Code

Offer 4: Cyber Monday…and Tuesday 48-hour Special!

Sale Details: Save 30% off all New Shared plans plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: CMSALE30
Sale Details: Save 30% Off all New Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Plans for monthly and quarterly periods plus FREE Domain.
Coupon code: CMCLOUD
Start: Monday, November 26th at 3:00 A.M. EST
End: Tuesday, November 27th at 3:00 A.M. EST

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If you’re looking for a reliable hosting service provider and are confused with the available options, rest assured that there are plenty of reasons to pick FastComet over any other top hosting provider.

FastComet Existing Customers Offers

  1. Get 20% off when you upgrade your account to a more powerful Shared Hosting solution.
  2. Grab 20% off your upgrade to own faster cloud Virtual Server.
  3. Get 20% discount on your renewal invoice.

FastComet Black Friday Coupon Code: black20

FastComet Cyber Monday Coupon Code: cyber20

How to Activate FastComet Black Friday Coupon?

It’s very easy to avail the FastComet Hosting Black Friday discount. Just follow these simple steps below.

Step 1: First of all visit the FastComet offer page.

Step 2: If you want to go for shared hosting you will see three plans there – StartSmart, ScaleRight and SpeedUp.

ScaleRight is the most popular one where you can host multiple websites. However, if you want fastest website speed and don’t mind paying a little extra for that, then go for SpeedUp.

Step 3: Select your preferred plan and click on Get Started.

Once the Black Friday Sale is over, you will find the exclusive FastComet coupon there.

Step 4: Enter your domain details or go for a new one.

Step 5: In the next page, review your order and click on Continue.

Step 6: You can provide your FastComet Black Friday 2018 coupon in the next page, if not already applied.

And that’s it! You have successfully availed the FastComet Cyber Monday offer.

Special Features of FastComet Hosting

Knowing a little more about some of the top features of FastComet will help you make the right decision. Some noteworthy features of FastComet are as follows:

fastcomet features

  1. Impressive site speed

If you know anything about the algorithm used by Google for ranking websites, you’d surely know the importance of website speed. Apart from search engines, website speed is also very crucial for website visitors. People generally spend more time on websites that load quickly.

As compared to hosting speed of top hosting providers like GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost, FastComet claims to offer significantly faster speed.

  1. Fixed prices

If you’ve used hosting services in the past, you might have surely come across fake promotions and discounts offered by most service providers. The advertisements and even the homepage of the service provider claim to offer hosting plans at a cheaper price but when you actually try to buy that plan, the price would be significantly higher.

But FastComet is different. The price that you see on their homepage or advertisements is the exact price that you’d pay. The prices are fixed without any nasty surprises.

  1. Excellent security

In this current age when hacking and security issues are wildly rampant; FastComet ensures that the websites they host are provided with the best security. It makes use of a firewall that is optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. With the help of this firewall, FastComet is able to prevent 99% of the known threats.

Apart from the security features, all the accounts also get free CloudFlare CDN for content delivery and SSD storage for the databases and files which is known to offer up to 300% better performance as compared to traditionally used storages.

  1. 24×7 support

Unlike many hosting service providers that offer premium support only for more expensive plans, FastComet offers the same premium support to all of its customers. It has 24×7 live chat as well as the response time on all the tickets is only 10 minutes. Rest assured that you’ll get the best of technical support at any time of the day.

The support is not only offered for the hosting services but also for more than 150 open source applications. Moreover, you can also get in touch with their support department if you’re looking for ways to optimize or secure your website or applications.

Free tutorials, free templates, easy website transfer, and additional services are some of the other reasons that make FastComet one of the best hosting service providers.

FastComet Hosting Plans

FastComet offers Shared, Dedicated, Cloud VPS, and Open Source Hosting. Let us have a look at the different hosting plans.

  • Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting plans offered by FastComet are available in three categories- StartSmart, ScaleRight, and SpeedUp.

fastcomet hosting plans

The cheapest of them all the StartSmart plan is currently available for just $2.95 per month which is cheaper than most hosting service providers. It comes with all the features that a new website would need like starter kit, free domain for life, and unmetered traffic.

The features and benefits improve considerably between more expensive plans. FastComet has datacenters at 8 locations all over the world and each plan comes with a 45-days money-back guarantee.

  • Cloud VPS Hosting

FastComet also offers fully managed SSD Cloud VPS hosting. The cPanel powered service is available in 4 different plans including VPS Cloud 1, VPS Cloud 2, VPS Cloud 3, and VPS Cloud 4. The cheapest plan currently starts at $59.95 per month and comes with features like rapid provisioning, SSD storage, root access, backup and snapshots, and easy scalability.

Go with the other 3 plans and you’ll get even better features and benefits. All the plans come with 24x7x365 premium support, free application installation and upgrades, and free module installation.

  • Dedicated Servers Hosting

If you do not want to share the server resources with other websites, FastComet also offers plenty of Dedicated Servers Hosting plans. Divided into 4 categories- DS1, DS2, DS3, and DS4, the plans are fully managed and come with SSD storage, cPanel support, free backups, and premium support.

As compared to Dedicated Hosting plans of most other popular hosting providers, the plans offered by FastComet are cheaper and come with more features.

  • Open Source Hosting

FastComet offers Open Source Hosting optimized for WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and SocialEngine. Just like the basic Shared Hosting plans, this service is also available in 3 different plans- StartUp, ScaleRight, and SpeedUp.

Free one-click installation, free upgrades, step-by-step tutorials, 24×7 dedicated support, and easy transfer are some features available with all the 3 plans.

More Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals:

Why Should You Go For FastComet Black Friday 2018 Sale?

Visit FastComet’s website and you can have a detailed look at how the hosting provider is better than most top hosting platforms. Right from the website speed, features available with the plans, to the pricing, everything favors FastComet, making it a great option not just for new website and blog but existing websites and businesses that receive thousands and millions of visitors every day.

With 24×7 premium support, free step-by-step tutorials, and the best in security, you’re sure to enjoy a rewarding hosting experience with FastComet. Moreover, it also offers amazing discounts and deals during the FastComet Black Friday sale weekend to further increase your savings and let you experience the best in website hosting.

It also offers many different types of hosting services to suit every need and most users agree that the service provider delivers what it promises. What more could you expect from your hosting service provider? Browse through the FastComet plans today and prepare yourself to offer the best experience to your website visitors.

Checkout the Deals at FastComet Now!

Alternatively, you can also wait for the FastComet Black Friday 2018 sale which would be announced within a few days. Discounts of up to 30% on shared and dedicated hosting are expected during this year’s holiday promo by FastComet. If you’re just starting with a website or blog, the discounts would surely help you reduce the initial expenses of setting up the website.

FastComet Black Friday 2018 Coupon – 30% Cyber Monday Discount
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